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Def Con Fidget Spinner

This is a great item that is sturdy design yet. Most ambitious design yet, be the first to own this one of a kind fidget spinner!  
- Dimensions 2.5" L x 2.5" W x 1" H.
- Can spin between fingers of small hands or adult hands (See picture spinning with multiple black and red colors and other side with gray).  
- Can spin on table (See pictures if spinning on table with multiple red/black and other side can spin on table with gray colors).
- Compact as it is 2.5" wide (fits in pants pockets, backpacks, and shirt pockets).
- Unlike most fidget spinners, this one you can customize (add existing Lego (R) pieces to make your fidget stand out even more).
- Includes actual (20) Lego pieces in red/black/translucent red/light gray/dark gray.
- Colors were inspired by space satellite and lasers from a video game. 
- Spins quietly so it does not annoy your friends.
- Fidget spinner can spin by itself typically 6-8 seconds in both dual mode and quad mode! 

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