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Sugar Shack


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My Sugar Shack project is a good replica of a classic sugar shack. They are simple and fucntional to produce very good maple syrup in respect of the nature. With this project, you could have your very own sugar shack even if there is no maple trees in your country! Also, I put a horse that carries a steel barrel in wich the maple sap was put in when it was collected, before the invention of the tubes for the sugar shacks.

Some of you might wounder what is the blue vehicule in the pictures. It is actually a Bombardier B12, an old 12 seater snowmobile that was used to carry people and stuff in winter. Also, the B12s are the ancestry of the actual snowmobiles!

Finally, I propose 3 minifigures, a dog and the interior equipment to tranform your maple sap into maple syrup (in your Lego word of course).

Thanks for watching and supporting my project!


(Please note that the trees are not actual lego pieces. There were used to make the pictures nicer and because I do not have the lego pieces needed to built trees of that kind.)

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