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Destination: Mars


Thank you for your interest in my idea!

How could look like the first colony on Mars?

There are already many plans for one. This Lego model shows my imagination how the first station could look like. Normally, many astronauts would live in such a mars colony, but I created it for only one astronaut, so it is a little bit smaller.



My model has a size of 33x26 studs and it consists of approximately 416 parts.

This Mars station has…

…a laboratory with a chair, a computer and a display in it and a roof, which you can take off for looking inside. On the top  are solar plates and a ladder is attached to the outside of the laboratory. It has a second door, on which you can add a further laboratory module.

…a big solar station,

…a filtration system,

…an oxygen reactor,

…a station for cultivation of useful plants,

…spotlights and

… an antenna for sending or receiving messages from earth.

These things are connected with hoses and cables and special building technics let look all things more realistic.


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