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Flowey Mosaic


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Hooray. Yet another project. Recently I played Undertale, which is an RPG created by Toby Fox and created with GameMaker: Studio. You play the role oh a fallen human. Depending on which path you take in the game, you can be Frisk or Chara (as far as I know(I'm probably wrong)). The first character you meet in the game is a flower named Flowey. Howdy. I'm Flowey. Flowey the Flower! He teaches you that you must increase your LV(Love) by gaining experience. He claims that love is transfered through tiny white pellets. When you attempt to get some, he says: In this world... It's KILL or BE killed! Which is pretty true. If you dodge his "friendliness pellets" he will become annoyed and say: GO! INTO! THE BULLETS!! Then he will do what he normally does and in large text says: DIE. Then you are saved by Toriel, but you can read the wiki page or play the game if you're interested in that. Click here to go to Flowey's wiki page. This is a Mosaic of him. In case you are wondering this was built in LeoCAD and I highly recommend you use that. Then I rendered it in Blender. This set includes a 48x48 mosaic of Flowey. It includes the name on the left. That's my project, so I hope you support.

-Flowey(That's not one of his quotes, it's my username)

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