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Personalized LEGO Heads

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Have you ever wished you could have yourself as a LEGO Mini Figure? If we get enough support that could be a reality! Similarly to the way a Famous Candy Coated Chocolate prints images onto their product, LEGO could print your face onto your very own LEGO Head, all you have to do is pick a body and legs to go with it and you have a mini plastic version of you!
All that would be required is submit a picture of your face then order your Mini Figure. There could even be options for Skin tones, along with the classic LEGO Yellow, and different expressions ( Just upload a different picture!). The options could be endless when you're putting your own face onto it!

*Sorry that the pictures are not perfect, its just to give you an idea. Obviously LEGO would do it better.

Select a Photo That Has you mostly facing forward. Maybe a Great time with Friends, or a Graduation!

Crop your now black and white Photo.

Position your photo onto the LEGO head, of your skin tone choice, and order your wonderful creation!

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