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Witch House

Hello Lego builder,
I wanted to show you my old building today. It is a witch's glove in a swampy landscape. The house has a large pointed roof, a crumbling facade, and a storage yard behind the house. An owl lives on the last tree to the left of the house. You will feel in the yellow. The swamp quickly spreads over the whole scene, the house free, the storage area and the pumpkin field in front of the house has been planted. The house is cozy. Inside there is only one room that houses a kitchen, a dining table with two chairs and a small bed. The small box and the box next to it offer storage space. The dog also has its own place. The stove, illuminates the room. I came up with the idea of building the witch's house, because I got an inspiration for a witch's house through an advertisement, I used to build a witch's house myself. In any case, I think the witch's house has turned out very well and as a Lego set it is sure to be successful. The north house has a lot of space inside to accommodate more or more figures. Otherwise the set is very detailed:
The old facade gives the mysterious witch's house its own factor, the garbage dump behind the house still belongs to its owner.
The marshy landscape is said to be, but also deserted and lonely, the pumpkins in front of the house also show that the couple is independent.
The detailed tree and the high house roof are also very important.
Still have to experience the two Lego figures and the two animals for a little life in the backdrop.

Since there is still no end to the witch's house in the Lego shops, I wanted a new one and a new direction in Lego themes

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