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Chinese Takeout Stand


Who doesn't like Chinese food?

I know I love it. That's why I have decided to create this cute Chinese Takeout stand. This set includes six white, one-stud square takeout boxes, two black torches, and a bonsai tree in a pot. The black roof, and my favorite part, can tilt from horizontal to slanted downward, like an awning, and the stick-out pieces of white roof on either side of the stand hold transparent lamps. The back of the small building is white brick, inlaid with a fitted door (that, by the way, does not actually open) with Chinese writing on the front.

The front of the stand has a white brick counter with display windows for two takeout boxes on either side. Inside the stand to the left, is a box/bin with four more takeout boxes.

The reason I did not include a minifigure with this set is because I did not have an appropriate (original) one. The one I am currently using for this set, however, is a LEGO Friends minifigure, and from past experiences, models with LEGO Friends minifigures in them tend to get less supporters. This is why I have decided to leave her out.

On that note, I hope you all like this set and support it! Thank you all!

(14x6 stud plate)

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