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Bike Rental/ Sell /Repair Shop


Here is my idea for a project it is called a Bike Rental, Retail, Repair Shop. The first part of the project idea is the Building with roof and inside there are two Registers, One of the Registers is for the sale of bikes, repair bills, the Other is for the rental, a Credit card reader, a Phone, 3 Bike Helmets, and 3 Bikes inside that are for sale. On the Right outside next two the building you see a security guard watching a security screen that is tided to the cameras and you also see a Cupboard for a video Recorder. On the Left side pf the building you see two Bike Bars, 6 Bikes, and 6 helmets, This set also comes with a repair shop and that has a Mechanic with Toolbox and Tools, a Label Printer, a Computer to make the labels and to know when the next appointment is. There is also a Mailbox, with Bills and Mail on it. You also have a security guard that checks the receipt. It comes with two employees that work in the building! I built this set two days ago because I am still bored and there is nothing else to do except to wait for "Spring" Although I just heard we are getting a big snowstorm on Tuesday for the area. That means spring will be delayed for a few more weeks! I had fun building this set and believe that it would be a cool one to have as an option. It was easy to make!

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