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Rocket Surfer


The Rocket Surfer.

So this is Dennis.  Dennis isn’t very good at normal surfing so he thought to try his hand at rocket surfing instead…after all you can’t fall over in space right?  You may have seen this design before as one of the starter MoC’s in Lego Digital Designer (LDD).  Some years ago The Lego Group ran a competition over at the Eurobricks forums for people to create designs for the digital program as examples that people could modify, my MoC was one of the lucky winners.

The Design:

The Rocket Surfer is a simple and fun design that doesn’t take long to build and contains some quirky elements to it.  Essentially a surf board attached to a pair of rockets it uses the energy collected from the solar sail and is directionally controlled by the tethers strapped to Dennis.  The stand is mostly used of transparent pieces and is made to adjust the orientation of the MoC to suit the owner.  The design contains 113 bricks.

Fun, simple, unique and would look great on the shelf.

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