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The Melting Clock

This project is inspired by the surrealist Salvador Dalí, and his famous painting “The Persistence of Memories”.

Rather than making a Lego copy of the whole painting,
I decided to recreate its most iconic element, the Melting Clock.

  • The highlight of this model is the “fluidity” that Lego bricks can achieve.
From the melting clock face, to the dripping pillars and the pooling, I want a model that makes Lego bricks look like flowing liquid.

  • The model also gives the fun illusion of a floating clock face.
This is achieved by supporting the clock face with the “dripping” pillars, and the “pooling” as base.
Alternatively, it would also be a cool display feature to detach the base, and mount the melting clock on a wall.

This model does not have time-keeping function yet.
In the official set, I hope Lego would make this a working clock.
It would be so cool if this can be both a beautiful display, and a working LEGO Clock!

I have included a few color variants here.
Which color set is your favorite? Tell me in the comments :)
For a real set, I think Lego could decide on a best palette, or include multiple color-combinations so fans can choose their own favorite~

Model Dimensions
Base area: 23 x 16.8 cm/ 9 x 6.6’’/ 21 x 28 studs
Height: 44.2 cm/ 17.4’’ / 55 studs
Weight: 447g
Part count: 495 (each clock)

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