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The Walls of the Dwarves' Kingdom

The entire project contains 3000 pieces, divided into a single construction and 4 dwarven minifigures.
The set represents the doors and walls of a dwarf kingdom under a mountain. To convey the typical sensations of dwarven architecture, I focused on the detailed decorations of the walls and columns, the latter present in 4 different forms; two types placed on different levels of the walls and the other two placed at the back of the project, one in particular equipped with ladders on one side.
The decorations are mainly characterized by the use of these three pieces: the modified brick, 22885, 1 x 2 x 12/3 with studs on side, as a support and, as actual decorations, the modified tile, 22385, 2 x 3 pentagonal and the tile 1x1 with groove turned 45 degrees, which in my opinion perfectly represent the dwarven style.
The doors can be opened and can be closed, ensuring the closure with a bar.
The construction is embellished with 4 dwarves’ statues, each of them holding a torch.
In my opinion this could be a great Lego set because it would bring back on the shelves a dwarven defensive construction after so many years, a fact that would certainly be appreciated by all fantasy fans, as in my opinion this set is able to convey the typical vibes of the dwarven architectural style as they have established themselves in the collective imagination of the last decades.
I really hope you like it and want to support it. Thanks a lot!!!

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