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Klinkan was the first Glatorian ever created by the Great Beings and served the Fire element lord until the Core War and ended up on Bara Magna and had to fight against fellow Glatorian to stay at the fire village until during a match with Gresh, he killed elven Agori and was exiled from the fire village by Acckar. Klinkan carried a Fire Sheild and two Thornax Launchers.

Based on Bionicle Generation 1.


The Tale of Klinkal

It was Dawn at Bara Magna and all of the Agori was watching Klinkal and Gresh was battling it out at the village of Vulcanus.

Agori of Fire watching the fight: GO KLINKAL YAY HORRAY!

Klinkal: You will Not win Rookie!

Gresh: I will be victorious!

Klinkal sabotaged all of Gresh's Thornax Launchers and only Berix knew about this, after the match, Gresh was Exiled to the Wastelands and Klinkal won the fight and claimed his shield.

Berix: Klinkal CHEATED!!!!!!!

after hearing Berix's annoucement, the entire Village of Vulcanus heard about Klinkal cheating and exiled him to the Wastelands and Gresh reclaimed his Sheild and claimed all of Klinkal's other shields and the Jungle Tribe welcomed Gresh back to Tesara.


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