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Lego Olaf


Introducing the all new Lego Olaf! Olaf is a snowman character in the Disney Movie, Frozen. He has two posable twig arms that can move at the shoulder joint and the finger joints, providing him with an array of different positions. His head really captures the  "Hello!" Olaf nature, with a large mouth, front tooth, brick separator nose, two large eyes, eyebrows, and twig hair. His brick separator nose is the perfect shape, along with being handy to take him apart with.

Imaging Olaf as a set, I would start out with the idea that he is more for display than play. Some Lego sets are better sitting on a shelf being admired, and Olaf is one of them. His posable arms have a range of different motions for different positions, so that you can change his stance frequently. He is really quite stable when thinking about displaying him on a shelf, or dresser.

So now that I have shown and told you about Lego Olaf, it is up to you to do the rest. All supports will be appreciated. If you do support me, please make sure to tell your friends so they will also. Having Olaf become a Lego set would be a dream come true.



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