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Armored Truck Heist


Transporting money to the bank can be dangerous, luckily Brick Bank Security has an armored truck, with armed guards.  

This set features five Mini-Figures, 2 security guards, 1 banker, and 2 motorcycle riding crooks.  It also has 5 money bags, and 2 loose bills to transport from your businesses to your bank.  The crooks have a welding torch, an axe, a crowbar, and a drill, to try to break into the armored truck, as well as two machine guns in case they run into trouble.  The security guards are prepared for anything, and both have rifles with scopes, just in case.

The armored truck has an easy to remove top, so you can access the cab, as well as the back.  It also has a gun rack in the cab, as well as in the back.

The finished product would have stickers on the hood, and sides of the van with the security company logo on it,  Otherwise I'm happy without any other stickers.

My inspiration for this came when I first saw the Corner Bank.  I figured if there is a bank, there should be an armored truck to make deliveries.

I hope you support this project, as it would be a dream come true.

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