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Lego Technic Lamp


I love combining legos with other useful items to create something awesome for a room or home, and lately I have been experimenting with technic components. 

Introducing a Lego Technic Lamp!

This model is a real functioning lamp built entirely out of LEGO.  It uses the battery box and LED lights from the Lego Technic power functions components (8293), however I included two sets of lights to increase the brightness. Of course these are still small LED lights so while not bright enough to light up an entire room it does work well as a bedside light/nightlight. The lamp also has a gear system that opperates with a crank. If you are like me then you also love the satisfaction of turning a crank and watching/listening to those gears spin. The lamp is 100% powered by the battery box. The gears all spin when the crank is turned - but they are just for decoration. 

The base of the lamp holds the Engineer - a minifigure still tinkering around with the insides of the lamp. He is happily working away on some pipes built into the base of the lamp. 

The lamp itself sits on a platform that easily lifts off the base for access to the battery box. While the battery box is mounted securely inside the base it is also easily removable in the event you need to change the batteries. The outlet where the lights plug into the base is also visible/easily accessible in the back of the base. 

With this set not only can you build your own beside lamp - you can also play with it once you are done!


Here's a very short video of the gears in motion - 

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