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M:Tron Extrasolar Mining Vessel (EMV)

This is a massive M:Tron ship designed for long range mining operations.
I've tried to pack as much playability and nostalgia into this ship as possible.
It's got magnets (obviously!), it's got a bunch of sections that can come apart and be assembled in different ways, it's got little areas with heaps of detail and some play functions that I hope will be reminiscent of the M:Tron sets of old.

I'll give you a run down from the front to the back.

Command Unit:
Or The Bridge or the cockpit. The canopy tilts forward to open and the two side panels open backwards to allow for plenty of play access. Inside there is a bridge crew of three. Captain, Pilot and Navigator. There are two beds on the lower deck so the crew can work in shifts. A little bit of storage and some tools.

Freight Pod:
This holds two containers that can be lifted out by the crane on the Resource Extraction Unit (REU). It can be removed from between the Command Unit and the Operations Unit.

Operations Unit:
This is the big part, the hub. It's got the main engines, wings and it's where the Chief of Operations sits.
The shallow quarter dome pieces hinge up and the door panels beneath open back for play access. On the port side is the medical bay with an operating table/bed under a heal ray sort of thing. The surgeon stands to the right to operate.
On the starboard side there is a machine shop with a lathe, bunch of tools and a work bench.
In the middle is the comfiest seat in the ship. This is where the Chief of Operations sits for most of a mission, closely monitoring everything that happens.

Resource Extraction Unit (REU):
This is the part with wheels. It's got a crane on the back with jaws to dig and move rocks and stuff around. The crane also has a magnet between the jaws so it can pick up the big drill and get stuck into some sweet, valuable space rocks. The magnet crane can also be used to load and unload the containers from the Freight Pod. The REU has space on the back for one of the containers beside the crane.
You can use the jaws on the crane to pick up one stud round bits and dump them into the hopper, where they go down the chute and get "processed", then come out the side where the little flap folds down to extend the chute. Get a container full and load it up!
As well as three technic pins to connect it to the Operations Unit, the REU has a magnet on either side, above the rear wheels, to help secure it during flight.

All of these parts can be combined in various ways. The only example I've shown is the connection of the Command Unit to the Operations Unit but there are other ways to combine the parts.
The Command Unit can go onto the front of the REU. The Freight Pod can go on the front of the REU and in the back of the Operations Unit where the REU usually goes. Maybe that's it. I'll have to check.

I have loved M:Tron for a long time. I only had small sets but I learned more about the Mega Core Magnetizer recently and I really want one now. I didn't know about all the play functions it had!
I wanted to create a huge ship with a specific mission, some story and heaps of play features.
For a long time I've wanted to use one of those big quarter dome pieces as the main windscreen.
It was a good challenge and I learned heaps.

I'm pretty happy with this one. I would buy it if it came out as a set.

If you read all of this, thank you.

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