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Rugrats The Pickle Home

This is my set of the house that tommy pickles lives in the Nickelodeon show rugrats . Let’s start with the front , in the front yard is a lawn mower and steps up to the front door . Once you enter the house you see stairs going up stairs grandpa pickles watching the fishing show , Chucky staying in the pen refusing to break the rules and Tommy’s dad coming back from making a toy breakthrough. In the kitchen there’s a cookie jar that Angelica has knocked over in a failed attempt to steal the cookies and Tommy’s mum looking for him to go eat him his bottle . Up the stairs is the hallway leading to dils room and the parents room but in the hallway is Chuckys mischievous step sister kimiko . In the back yard is tommy , phil and lil planning a mission to steal the cookies , spike biting a bone and Angelica looking at the newly build reptar wagon . This set includes 9 minifigures , tommy , Tommy’s mom , Tommy’s dad , Tommy’s grandpa , Chucky , Angelica , Phil , lil and kimiko and if you count baby’s as minifigures , Dil . 

please support this so that this iconic show can be made into a Lego set 

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