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Slay the Spire

Ascend your LEGO collection to the next level with the Slay the Spire protagonists! These characters are beloved by anyone who has ever played this incredible deck-building card game. Their diverse appearances and unique playstyles make it easy for players to identify with their favorite character.

This set includes:
  • The Ironclad: If you enjoy the simplicity of hitting things and stopping things from hitting you, you will love The Ironclad!
  • The Silent: If you prefer letting your poisons do the work, The Silent might be for you.
  • The Defect: If you loved collecting marbles as a kid, you'll enjoy The Defect and its orb-based strategies.
  • The Watcher: If you love winning over and over again using the same strategy, you will be choosing the watcher every time.

Why You (, but mostly I,) Need This
No matter who your favorite is, if you are a fan of the game, you will want this entire LEGO set to get your hands on your favorite little tower climber. For me, it's The Defect—I love this little weirdo so much that I would do anything to get an official LEGO version of them.

Design and Affordability
I designed the figures at the smallest scale at which their identifiable features are recognizable, ensuring that any fan of the game can afford the LEGO set. Besides, I am confident that the designs of these characters are so unique and interesting that LEGO fans won't mind picking up the set at a reasonable price. This might even help introduce them to one of the most fun games out there!

But first LEGO needs to start selling this set and you can help make that happen! Don't sleep on this chance, because you have the key to what your heart needs! Please help support the project and let me know what you think!

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