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LEGO Hourglass

There are many different methods when it comes to measuring time. However, possibly one of the most fun ways to measure time is through an hourglass.
Watching the sand slide down the glass bulbs has fascinated kids and adults alike throughout centuries.
I was one of those kids entranced by the hourglasses. So, I thought why not make one out of something else that has brought me joy throughout my childhood... LEGO.
As I created this design, I wanted to represent the main feature of the hourglass, which is why it is possible to flip the hourglass and watch hundreds of 1x1 studs run down it.
As much fun as that is, I also wanted it to look like an art piece and something you can display. I went for a clean wooden base with gold touches all around.
The model has 599 pieces plus 300 1x1 studs that represent sand for a total of 899 pieces!
This is my first model, and I had a huge blast designing it. Hopefully, more models are due to come.

Future thanks to anyone who supports this idea.

Have fun building!

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