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Kung Fu Panda: Mr Ping's Noodle Shop


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Kung Fu Panda is a rich world made by Dreamworks and has many movies, television shows, and games but never an official Lego set. This model depicts where the whole series began its journey, in a small noodle shop. The model has a full interior and front eating area based off the movies. At the very front of the model is the entrance which has a round entry way. Going through the entrance reaches the restaurant's front courtyard where patrons eat their food cooked by Mr Ping. At the back of the courtyard is the serving area and kitchen where Mr Ping prepares orders. To the right side of the model is an alley connecting to the kitchen which is where Mr Ping collects ingredient deliveries and where he first met Po when he was a baby Panda. Up the ladder is Mr Ping's bedroom filled with coloured boxes and his possessions. Up the second ladder leads to the attic of the building where Po's bedroom is located. His bedroom is a messy space filled with eaten bowls of noodles and his action figures of the Furious Five.

About the Model: This model has 2952 pieces, and two minifigures. The two minifigures are Mr Ping and Po.

Credits: Built using Mecabricks, Rendered using Blender.

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