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Bricklet dollhouse

The bricklet dollhouse will present the tiny and unbelievable world that lives in our bricks. Who never cut a brick to see what is inside ?

Every kids love playing stories, and want transport them everywhere.
With the bricklet dollhouse, they can open the bricks, arrange them how they want and play with them. When finished, they will close the bricks with all their content, and stack them for a minimum of place.

For the dollhouse, I worked on bricks of 2x2 because I think they fit better for that style. I'm working on other style and size of bricks, and even on a minifigure.

I firstly though doing that for my little daughter of 4 yo. She loves playing with my winter sets, do stories.
Unfortunately, she couldn't play everywhere.

  • Each bricklet is splittable in two, with two different rooms inside.
  • Each half of bricklet can be linked to any others. Each room has its pin on the left side to close with the other room
  • The roof of each room can be removed for an easier access, and it can be placed behind the room.
  • Each room can be stacked onto one or two others, as you would do with any lego bricks.
  • Each closed brick can be stacked onto others, as you would do with any lego bricks.

Bricklets with different rooms and ambiances:
  • a kitchen
  • a living room
  • a bedroom for the adult (or the rabbit)
  • a bedroom for kids
  • a bathroom
  • a garage with its kart
  • a stable with its pony
  • a jetsky place
  • a dog house
  • a zen garden for the cat
  • a LEGO factory and office
  • a pizzeria

The word of end:
With the bricklets, the possibilities of scenes are infinite. Redo the universe with small cut bricks.
This set can be an amazing set for kids (and adults), modular and transportable.

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