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Colt Town: Stagecoach

Hello!  Here is my second project for Colt Town (my western world that is in the making), This a stagecoach that is better that I imagined.  The inspiration for this project was received after watching the movie "Bullwhip Griffin" a Disney movie which is my third most favorite movie.  In one scene there is a Wells Fargo stagecoach that is carrying them out the the gold fields.  I wanted to make a stagecoach with no ip for the originality.  I designed this with the image of a stagecoach in my head so I wanted it to be good.  Well, it turned out better that I expected!

What is comes with: 
-A driver and lookout type person.
-Crate full of Lego 100 bills and barrels.
-4 horses as that is how many most stagecoaches were pulled by.
-Cactuses and dead bushes.

The doors can open, the back can open for more storage and multiple items can sit on the top.  *Please note* The baseplates are not included in this project!  They are just there for looks!  Well that is it for now!  I hope you have enjoyed this project proposal!  Support and share!  Thank you! 

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