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Moon Crawler

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. It’s time to colonize the moon and these mini-figures have done it, with their awesome moon crawler. This creation is composed of three mini-figures. They drive in the first section of the vehicle using levers and intercept singles from Earth, using the computer. The second section of the vehicle is the power center which powers the whole crawler. Solar panels are attached to the power center to replicate what real colonies would use on the moon to collect power. The last section of the vehicle contains a telescope to see and observe different galaxies. Lastly, the first section of the moon crawler has head lights powered by the power center, as well as the station under the telescope which has lights inside as shown in the last picture.

Why did I build this and why would I like it to become a set? First, I built this creation because I really like astronomy and space travel. Secondly, I saw that Lego Ideas really didn't have that many exploration vehicles, and so I thought, “Why not a moon exploration vehicle?” Furthermore, the other moon vehicle sets, on Lego Ideas, inspired me to make my creation. Why I would like my creation to become a set is because I think Lego should have more space exploration sets avaiable. It would be fun to have a moon crawler as a Lego set considering the projected U.S. mission to the moon in 2020 with the Orion space craft and the pursuit of sending men to Mars. This is why I have submitted this creation, please support.


Thank you,

Classic Spaceman1

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