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Lego Hercules and Hades Brickheadz


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Hercules is my favorite Disney movie ever. I love it and so I decided to make Hercules and Hades as my first Brickheadz project (of hopefully many more). This was my first ever project using from Bricklink. Hopefully this helped improve the quality of my projects. Thanks for your support!

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Hercules is clearly the main protagonist of the self-titled film "Hercules". This part of the set includes 97 pieces (5 from the base). He uses medium nougat for his main orange-colored clothes, dark orange for his hair, very light orange for his skin, and dark brown for the secondary color for his clothes.

Hades is the main protagonist  in the movie. This part of the set includes 85 pieces (6 from the base). It has two fire pieces that can go onto the top of Hades' head when he is angry. His main robe color is metallic black. The secondary color on his robe is black. His skin is sand blue colored. His hair is dark azure, chrome blue, and sky blue from the bottom to top of his hair. He also has two solid red colored flames for when he is angry.

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