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Disney's the Ghost and Molly McGee: Howlin' Harriet


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Are you prepared to hear the dark and grisly tale of Howlin' Harriet? Well even if you're not, don't let that stop you from enjoying this set based on the Disney Channel animated series The Ghost and Molly McGee (which tells the story of an unlikely friendship between hyper-positive and peppy middle-schooler Molly McGee and the excessively lazy and cynical ghost Scratch). The set consists of approximately 720 pieces and includes the following:
  • Minifigures of Molly, Libby, Kat, and Sheela (each Minifigure includes accessories and alternate facial expressions specific to the episode this set is based on)
  • Brick-built figures of Scratch and Geoff
  • A 520+ piece brick-built Howlin' Harriet figure that includes over 40 glow-in-the-dark pieces, stands approximately 35 centimeters (14 inches tall) and features articulation on the neck, arms, fingers, legs, and toes
  • A campfire and 4 log benches
My main reason for building this comes from the fact that this particular episode sets up my favorite character dynamic in the show: Molly and Libby's friendship. The episode in question also features several iconic moments so I decided to add in several allusions to those moments like Molly's best friend scorecards, her "I need to craft some toes!" face, the replacement toes that Libby crafts to appease Howlin' Harriet, the friendship bracelet she offers Molly and the map that Sheela uses during the "Who's Got the Good?" montage. The inclusion of these references is sure to impress and entertain fans of the show. Meanwhile, the set's small part count should make it accessible to beginner builders (like kids and/or people who enjoy the show but are unfamiliar with the LEGO system) along with budget-conscious consumers.

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