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Canal Boat


Canal Boat

This model takes its inspiration from the classic canal boats in United Kingdom. The very long and slim boat makes the design unique and something special.

When I was seven years old me and my family went to United Kingdom and spent a week on one of these boats and ever since I have been fascinated by them. For a long time I have wanted to make one in LEGO and a few months ago I decided to make my dream become reality. 

The model is not based on an existing model instead based on the boat I went on from memories. For example the color scheme and a bit of the interior, but it is also a mix between different models I have. The boat is not designed for minifigures since it is too big for them. With the bigger scale it was a lot easier to fit all of the details and have sturdy build when the model is so long and slim. 

There are a lot of features on the boat. You can open the doors and push the hatch in the stern backwards to easier access the interior, exactly as you can do on a lot of canal boats. You can rotate the rudder side to side. There is also a hatch on the floor which you can open to take a look on the engine. The roof can also easily be removed to access the interior. Inside the boat there are two bedrooms with two beds each. Between them there is a small restroom with a toilet and a sink. There is also a kitchen and a seating area. 

I think this project would be a great set since there is nothing like it in LEGO and great for other fans of these types of boats. 

Basic Information 

  • Consists of around 2200 pieces

  • Length, 58cm/ 22,8inches

Width, 11cm/ 4,3inches

Height 9cm/ 3,5inches

  • Weight 1,4kg/3 pounds

Feel free to share this project to friends and family, every single support counts!

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