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Explorer, a LEGO Automaton


Hello LEGO fans! My name is Teun de Wijs, from Amsterdam, Holland. I've been building LEGO automata for a couple of years now. A lot of people seem to enjoy my builds and YouTube videos, and because I am so happy with my latest model, I finally got up the nerve to post it on LEGO Ideas. 

This explorer and his trusty companion come to life by turning the wheel on the side. The ostrich moves its body, legs and head, and a piece of pneumatic inside the neck gives it some flexibility. The explorer scans the horizon from side to side while his right arm is free to move from the pull on the rope, which gives him a smooth lively motion.

To me, this model has a nice, clean and distinctive look. Also, the stereotype of the distinguished colonial explorer poses a nice contrast to the absurdity of the bird he is riding, which I find very funny. But enough said, you should see them in action!





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