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Ping-Pong Paddle


I like to play ping-pong and I thought it would be fun to make a paddle made of bricks. I made three versions, the last one being the best of both worlds considering weight and strength. I wanted to focus on strength and weight because those are important factors in making life-size Lego creations. I know just exactly how hard it is to make something strong and not too heavy especially after building this project. The cover photo is actually version 2 because I thought it looked more aesthetically pleasing than the others. I did a variety of tests, comparing weight and strength. The third version is my final product, I just wanted to include the others to show the different ways I tried to build it. All of the paddles don't have padding like regular paddles so you get a little less spin and you have to hit the ball a little harder due to the difference in plastic materials rather than wood. Other than that I recommend these paddles for regular play. Also the weak paddle can be used for a challenge as your paddle is likely to break during a game. For more info check out my video:

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