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Whitewater Rafting

This is a model of a rafter battling whitewater after just going over a waterfall.

About the Model
I didn't at first intend for this to be a Lego Ideas project. In fact, it wasn't even going to be a rafting scene, but the idea came to mind as I was building it. The model is different from the work I normally do. I tried to create a near-studless design, using many round slopes to create the waterfalls. As part of the original design, I wanted to use many transparent elements for a cool water effect. The raft can easily be separated from the water as it is connected by only one stud. I built and rendered the model using Studio.

The set is meant to be a display model with a nice black border around the base. I think it would be best suited for older Lego fans, who like to build and display sets.

  • River nature scene
  • Detachable raft 
  • 1 minifigure rafter
  • Many transparent elements
  • Nice black border
  • 318 total pieces

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Thank you for reading!

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