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Tournament Knight's Citadel

About Tournament Knight's Citadel
Welcome to the Tournament Knight's Citadel. A stronghold inspired by the tournament knight from collector minifigure series 20. The citadel is home to the strong and courageous Black Raven Knights faction. On the first level is a armory and dungeon defended by a guard. On the outside is a stable for the noble steeds, under the care of the hard working stable boy. On the second level is the Lord's quarters and throne, protected by the best archer in the lands; along with a bridge and walkway over the stable. Finally, the top of the citadel is an observation post, handy when spotting friends or foes.

Why I built it?
I built this model because ever since the release of the tournament knight from the collector minifigure series 20, I have loved the idea of a Raven Knight faction. The emblem design and colors of the tournament knight are timeless and fit in well with the classic era castle themes. I wanted to build a set that wasn't just another castle, so decided to make a modified tower/citadel. I also wanted to keep the piece count down, which would help make this accessible to all LEGO fans. There are several collector minifugures based off already existing LEGO themes, so why not do the opposite, and the tournament knight is the coolest castle themed collector minifigure in my opinion. Making this a unique opportunity.

Why I believe this would make a great LEGO set?
There are several reasons why I think this would make a great LEGO set.
  1. The build is under 1000 pieces, making it small and obtainable for LEGO castle fans and collectors.
  2. The citadel is sized to match up with the majority of LEGO castle sets.
  3. Simple and easy to build, making it suitable for children and adults.
  4. Functional to play with and display.
  5. Finally a home for the best castle themed collector minifigure!

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