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"Rote Brummer" German Rail Buses


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I want to present my project "Rote Brummer". It is a model of a german rail bus with trailer. In Germany over 2500 of similar rail busses were built between 1950 and 1970. They were cheap and easy constrcted- perfect for railroad lines with less passengers. They become the nickname "rote Brummer" because of the color and typical diesel engine sound (rot= red; brummen= humming).


My project contains a motor wagon and a trailer.

motor wagon:

- 2 diesel engines; you can see the exhausts on the roof.

- 16 seats and a toilet in the middle of the vehicle

- two driver`s cabins



- no engine.  It needs a motor wagon to operate.

- one drivers cab alows the train to operate backwards. The motor wagon can pull the trailer.

- 23 seats. No toilet and 2nd driver`s cab mean more space for passengers.


The project is inspired by diferent rail busses in Germany, for example the "MAN Schienebus", the "VT98" and the "VT2.09". Rail busses are an importent part of the german railway history.

The Model fits perfect to the train track system and  the mini figs.

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