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Odyssey - The Sprinter

The Sprinter - The Odyssey Core's stealth machine

As the name suggests, the Sprinter is a small but fast machine. But whilst it may not pack as much fire power as other vehicles in the Odyssey Core's fleet, it is still a might machine that is a force to be reckoned with. It's adjustable ride height allows it to lower itself to make it more difficult to be seen from the ground, and can also be raised for better range and visibility when in combat. It also has a standard mode, which is the last picture shown in the description.

As a set, this model features loads of cool functions, including:

- 2 hidden spring loaded shooter in the rear pod

- 2 spring loaded shooters located on the front wheel pods

- Fully adjustable ride height, thanks to each wheel pod being on an independently operated hinge

The set sports a cool design, with bare suspension showing in the wheel pods, cool transparent orange weapon elements and adjustable wing and flaps. The set contains 376 bricks, and measures over 24cm long. 

This model doesn't just fit well as a part of the Odyssey range, but also looks great as a stand alone model, so give some support if you think so as well.

Thanks in advance for the support and feedback.



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