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About the idea:
The model I designed is a pedal-powered quadracycle.
My first idea was a vintage motorcycle, but i was looking for something more creative and different.
I finally found the quadracycle last summer when i used one in Rome during my holidays.

About the quadracycles:
Also called "Rosalie" in France, "Risciò" in Italy, "Cuistax" in Belgium or "Surrey" in UK/USA, quadracycles can be often rented for an hour or for a day.
They are a popular way to discover parks, cities, beachs and others touristic places.
They have too a social function because families and friends can share a playful walk together.

About the features:
The model is designed with some functions and accessories, including :
- Rack and pinion steering
- Steering wheels
- Chains
- Transmission
- Chain guards
- Pedals
- Bike bell
- Brake lever
- Canopy top (removed on some images to reveal others details)
- Designed seats
- Child seats
- Headlights
- Mudguards

About the build:
The model is built using Studio 2.0 software and images are rendered with Photoreal.
It consists of 1143 parts with a mix of Technic bricks and Classic bricks.
Excepted the 39794 red liftarm, all bricks used exist.

I suggest a creative set between the build of a car and a motorcycle. It would be something different to discover and to build.

Thanks for your support if you think that the model deserves to become a Lego set.

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