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Monster Truck With Steering

Not all LEGO Technic models have to be big. There should also exist smaller models, that are affordable, and suitable as casual gifts for different occasions. However these models have to be exciting, and appealing, and have some functions.

About the model:

  • The small truck can turn left or right if it is tilted to the sides. This is due to the angle that the front and back axles rotate at.

  • The truck is constructed so that the angle that it can tilt is limited. This is done so that the wheels do not touch the mud guard.

  • The wheels adjust to uneven surface.

  • There are a few images of the truck in different colors, so that it is easier to visualize other alternatives.

  • The total number of parts is 41.

Why I think this would make a great LEGO set:

  • It has realistic functions, even though it is tiny, and it is easily recognizable.

  • It has great play value, and can be a good fidget toy.

  • I chose to use some existing LEGO parts in uncommon colors. This would make it appealing for LEGO enthusiasts, even though it is so simple to build.

  • The truck is small enough to be a casual gift, or a birthday present for a friend at school. It can also be offered as a reward after a visit to the dentist, or something similar.

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