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Hercules Beetle

This is a kind of beetle.

The Hercules beetle is known as the world's largest beetle. They are a flowery beetle with a graceful and splendid appearance, and are a hero to children all over the world, piquing their curiosity. My son is one of their fans.

Unfortunately, I have never seen the real thing. Therefore, I made this while looking at an illustrated book.

This time, I made it with whatever blocks I had on hand. One of the most difficult parts of insects is the legs.
I didn't have enough of the same parts that I used for the last scarab beetle, so I had to use different parts.

When I look at the insects posted by others, the first thing I look at is what parts they used to express the legs.
It is very interesting to see the individuality of each artist here.

I also used a car chassis as the framework for the body. This is great because it allows me to use a single part for strength. However, there is a drawback in that I cannot fine tune the details.

Thank you very much for reading.

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