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DUPLO X-77 Scorpion - NASA Experimental Planetary Vehicle


The "DUPLO X-77 Scorpion" is a fictional experimental vehicle that could be developed by NASA for planetary missions some day. Its nickname "Scorpion" is a nod to the vehicle's distinctive "tail" and "claws" - which are its flexible multi-purpose "extremities". (The design is not based on any existing/known NASA vehicle.)

Handles anything from alien eggs to black monoliths

X-77 can be used for planetary exploration, cargo loading, rescue missions and many other purposes. Its claws are able to grab and lift cargo or objects found on exploration missions, like black monoliths, alien eggs or debris from mysterious crashed space ships. Meanwhile, the winch (default position on the back) comes in handy for towing other vehicles or pulling up objects from deep holes. The excavator shovel (default position on the back, too) is used to... well... excavate stuff.

Flexible and sturdy

All the tools and arm elements are interchangeable, so the X-77 can be individually set up for a lot of different purposes. Being a tracked all-terrain vehicle with a fully rotatable body, the "Scorpion" is a very sturdy construction entirely made of DUPLO bricks. It comes with a driver/mechanic figure that fits into the cockpit.

Top-notch space technology

The vehicle is equipped with lots of cameras on all sides, enabling the driver to operate it using a holographic glasses-free 3D display projected directly in front of him. The cockpit can switch from "hangar mode" (the glass of the windshield and the side windows being retracted) to "planetary mode" (the cockpit being sealed air-tight with the glass windows up, and providing oxygen supply inside). These last-mentioned features are of course imaginary play features of the vehicle (meaning they cannot be seen in the pictures).

The "DUPLO X-77 Scorpion" is dedicated to all science fiction fans out there, no matter what age.

Piece count: 28 + 1 figure.

About "AFOD"

My user name "AFOD" ("Adult Fan of DUPLO") stands for the idea of either designing (play) sets for children using nothing but DUPLO pieces or for designing (display) sets for adults using nothing but DUPLO pieces as well. Being big LEGO fans for decades, we had bought many DUPLO sets for our little daughter and had great fun for hundreds of hours of building and playing. Then some day I realized that I had eventually become a real "Adult Fan of DUPLO". I started building DUPLO MOCs for kids using the masses of DUPLO bricks we already had at home. A lot of additional sets and bricks were bought for this purpose as well. Besides creating child-oriented DUPLO sets I recently started designing DUPLO sets for adults as well after realizing that building with DUPLO bricks offers some significant advantages for a lot of adult builders, too.

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