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Papa's Pizza Parlour


Papa is preparing pizzas for the lunchtime rush and his daughter, Maria, has another pizza to delivery on her motorbike.  Papa likes to use his delivery van, but Maria definitely prefers to use her motorbike.  Papa is proud of his restaurant and is always happy to welcome new customers though the big red door!

This set features a main building, a delivery van and a motorbike and includes 4 minifigures.  It's designed to be part of the creator range.  The building has 3 stories, with a pizza restaurant at the ground floor, a living area on the middle floor with a balcony and an attic floor.  Inside the restaurant, Papa prepares pizzas on the main bar, and there are numerous tables and chairs both inside and out.  There is a large pizza oven set into the wall behind the main counter and a large entrance door welcomes in new customers.

I created this set in LDD and it's really the first proper model that I've built in LDD - I actually created it so that I could take it apart so I could create my "Zombie City" set - so please take a look at that set too!  The model features just under 800 bricks and is aimed at younger builders with some experience and looking for a slightly larger building challenge.

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