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Design Bedroom

Hello everyone,
This set consists of 885 bricks:

-A mattress directly placed on the floor for a cocooning atmosphere
-A piece of furniture hanging on the wall and above there is a long rectangular mirror (here white)
-A black shelf
-A modern radiator
-A modern staircase with elongated steps
-The floor is parquet
-The ceiling has an opening (view of the sky) and a suspension

There are many accessories:

-A white design chair
-A vacuum
-A hair dryer
-A tray for breakfast in bed
-A laptop
-Big book
-A set of blue cup (on the shelf)
-An alarm clock
-A painting (here white above the bed, because I didn't find the way to add a graphism or other lol)

Finally there are 3 characters (2 childrens, 1 adult) and one cat.
The boy has a fork and a drink and the girl has a toy. 
The father is in pyjama and has his arms in his back. 

Thanks for reading and for your support !



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