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Speed Champions Showroom

This is my Speed Champions Showroom featuring the Audi TT, Audi R8 and the concept Audi Skysphere. The showroom is designed to display up to 9 cars, hence has space for 6 other Speed Champions cars in addition to the 3 included in this set.

The Audi TT and R8 are iconic sports cars, which I think any Speed Champions fan would love to own. For my third choice I wanted to design something a bit different and extra challenging, so I went with the Audi Skysphere concept, as it not only looks super cool but can extend when in sports mode, and I think it would make a great addition to the Speed Champions range.

I have several Speed Champions cars now and I really loved building them and learning new assembly techniques. However, I'm lacking a good way to display them and thought a car showroom set would be an ideal way of doing this, and I don't believe LEGO has made a car showroom, so it's something new. I've designed it to be both a functional display set but still a fun set to play with. I specifically sized the set to be relatively narrow (33 studs) so that it can fit nicely on a typical shelf. I also kept the design quite minimalist, which I think is in keeping with a typical car showroom.

I now also have much respect for LEGO Speed Champions designers, as it took me dozens of iterations and many hours to turn bricks into something that resembles real cars - it is far from easy!

The set is ~1300 pieces and includes 3 cars (+ space for 6 more!), 2 showroom staff, 2 customers, some office furniture, coffee machine, water cooler and seating.

If you love Speed Champions and would like to see these cars in a showroom set, then please support and let's make this happen!

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