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Crocodile Frogs


Crocodile frogs! An explorer has wandered these strange swamps and has found a mutation of crocodile and frog! Will he be eaten alive or can he somehow find a way out of this mess?

Yes, a very random creation indeed! There isn't much of a catch; this set is a cute little take on a mixture of crocodile and frog, just for the sake of doing it. This set comes with three of the mutated creatures, as well as two swamp/bog trees and a not-so-brave explorer who finds these monsters.

Do what you want with the set! Add it to an already-existing scene to spice it up a bit, or add your own creations to make this scene even better! Will your explorer have a vehicle? Will there be vicious raptors fighting the crocodile frogs? Will the explorer have friends to aid him in an escape from these beasts? It's up to you!


I originally got the idea from a Magic the Gathering card named Crocanura. The card isn't all that special; the creature can take out flying creatures, and it gets bigger as more creatures come out to play. And it doesn't take much to bring him out into play, nor does it cost much money to put him in your collection. All it became was the butt end of my jokes in matches and eventually made its way here!


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