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ENIGMA (ECO-117 & FP-98)


Hi guys! 

This is my first project based in my own idea, I hope you liked, is a robot called ECO-117, and a mini spaceship called FP-98.

This set comes with 2 minifigures, Man and women, each one with a helmet to go to the space, but it's not necessary when they are on earth.

This set contains the two vehicles.

Eco-117 with 206 pieces

FP-98 with 122 pieces

And the two minifigures with helmet

Total pieces: 340 

There is a video in my youtube channel, Building instructions from ECO-117:

Please Leave a comment and Support if you want this set as a LEGO official set :D.

CHECK FOR UPDATES!!! & Check my others projects. 

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