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Odyssey - The Tornado

The Tornado - You know when you hear a really fast jet, and you go to look but it's already gone? The Tornado is the same, but it's gone before it's even made the noise...

The Tornado is fast. Like, really fast. In fact, the Odyssey Core claim that it's the fastest thing in the galaxy, which is one serious claim. It could be true though, because its four plasma jets each produce the same amount of power as all of the jets on the Kestrel combined, which, as described, is the OC's largest ship. And there are four of them... But if it's a bit too much power? Never to worry, because The Tornado and detach from its thrusters to become a small, nimble spy craft, perfect for recon and investigation missions.

As a set, The Tornado contains 732 bricks, and measures over 57cm long. It also features loads of cool functions, including:

- Hidden spring loaded shooters

- Huge rotating rear wings

- Adjustable front blades

- Detachable thrusters

- Adjustable wings

I hope you like the set, and thanks in advance for any feedback and support :)



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