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Vulcan Switcher Train Set


Hello, everyone! It's me, cheeseinthepie, with yet another LEGO Ideas post! Post #64

This train set that I built is based off of two things: 1. The Lionel Junction Diesel Freight Sets 2. A model that I built with LEGO Bricks from my collection that is based off of the Vulcan switcher from Lionel

Later on, I should take pictures of the latter, and post them in an update. Keep a lookout!

The Vulcan Switcher Train set is 634 pieces. This set includes two engineer minifigures (one male, and the other female), a Vulcan switcher, a boxcar, a tank car, and a caboose.

If you look at the boxcar, you may notice a little hole at towards the base. This model is Power Functions compatible (sold separately)! To hook it up, a motor will replace the truck on the Vulcan switcher. The wire will go to the boxcar, which will connect to the receiver and battery box.

To download this model to your computer, you can click right here.

Have a good day, everyone! If something needs improvement, please let me know. By cheesy. 1/29/2018

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