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Red Castle Dragon

This idea is a new version of the Castle Dragon I submitted earlier.

Unlike the previous one, I made the Castle Dragon bigger and more castle-like.

I also added leaves and stems to the wings to give it a more colorful look, in response to previous feedback.

<A giant dragon created by a talented wizard>
- This dragon is created by a talented wizard for the request of general.
- Wizard enchanted the castle to become a dragon.
- As a result, The stronger and more massive castle dragon created.

<Realization of castle and dragon at the same time>
- Two cannons which can change direction
- Great Hall at the body where soldiers can ready for fight.
- Crisscrossed - pattern windows at the top of the hall  
- Cannons which can change direction On the dragon's shoulders
- Small watchtowers nearby legs so that soldiers can keep an eye on enemies.
- Gate in the back

<Giant wings>
- Four massive wings can make the heavy dragon fly.
- The wings are inspired by octagonal towers and walls.
- Castle tower in the center of the wing, where soldiers can stand guard.

<Castle memories for AFOLs, transformation for kids>
- For AFOLs who love Castle theme
- For kids who love transformation and dragons
- 3 minifigures, general and two soldiers
- There are 1397 pieces in total.
- Except for the minifigures, the hinges on the doors, they are all made from parts that actually exist.

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