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The Abduction

They got Bessy!

This is not farmer Bob's lucky night. As he was tending to the fields at a late hour he notices a flash of light coming from one of the pastures. To his great horror and surprise, his cow Bessy is being lifted by a tractor beam into a flying saucer! What ever will he do??

This medium-level set represents a comically iconic cliché scene of cattle getting abducted by space aliens. The spaceship (comprised with movable flaps and cockpit, antenna dish, moveable seat and sci-fi gun) is held up in the air by the supporting "beam" which is built out of neon green cones. The cow, which is mounted with a pin to its side, is attached into a socket brick providing the illusion of levitation. The base of the set is a field terrain with fences and plants along with a small (in-the-distance) farm barn. There is also a small windmill hiding in the back. Along with Bessy, minifigures of farmer Bob and the space alien are also included (see image n.3).

This is a perfect set for any sci-fi enthusiast.
So hurry! Upvote before they abduct you too!

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