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Monster Fighters - The Spider Queen


Victory to the Monster Spiders (Final Update)

Good news and bad news... Good news: we've gotten four more monster fighter fans to join the fight. bad news: the monster fighters have already lost as it seems like a lot more people like Monster spiders than monster fighters. leaving us with 0.47% and marking this as another Failure.

and the worst part about this is that this confirms that People Don't want an involving build. nobody wants to get involved with building something that has hundreds of small bricks, rendering complexity null and void. and i'm still waiting for another idea to be approved before i can test the only thing left because of COVID-19!


Two Spooks For me!

Great to see that we got two more people supporting the monster fighters, boosting this to a 0.42%, but the Spider Queen has almost got them in her web! we don't have much time! share this support before it's too late!


A Dry Shriek

Well this isn't good! we've hit a dry streak against the horde of spiders. we're losing ground to the spiders and don't have much time! the spider queen is close to seizing all of the monster realm!


Fright or Flight

three more monster fighter fans have successfully crossed over with the full assistance of the monster fighters, bumping their forces up to 0.4%! that spider queen is still an ever-present threat, so we can't let her dominate the entie monster realm with her spider children!


Aerial Assist! (Final Monster Fighter)

we've got one more monster fighter fan across the hotres of spiders, bumping this up to 0.37% of our goal, but MY GOSH did the number of spiders bloat! there's too many for Jack McHammer to blast out of the way! we'll have to take to the skies on this one. and that is a job for our final monster fighter, Ann Lee!

at this point, the victorian look is all but lost in its shape, leaving the colors to hold the rest of this. she'll assist Jack with clearing the mass amount of spiders in frank rock's way.


Situation Check-up (progress report)

looks like Jack Mchammer cleared enough of the spiders for Frank rock to guide one more monster fighter fan across. now we're up to .36% of the goal. but the number of spiders doesn't seem to be going down... those things just seem to keep coming. let's hope we can clear out a bit more of the spiders.


Let's Jack this up! (halfway point)

as we got one more supporter assisting the monster fighters, reaching 0.35% of the needed amount, i think i see the problem. the spider queen's children are blocking frank rock's path. and quinton steele can't guide people if they can't get past, so we might have to clear the path. and who to do such a task than Jack McHammer!

his vehicle's more burly than qunton's, built more for neutralizing monsterous threats than your usual mummys and ghosts. and his deployable turret packs more of a punch!

those little spiders don't stand a chance against something like that!


Bitter Irony

we got one extra monster fighter not long before this update was made, which pumps this up to 0.34% and worries me. i thought frank rock would help speed this process up, not slow it down. there's still plenty of time left, so let's not dawdle and let the spider queen conquer the monster land!


Shall we Rock this?

oh boy, it's starting to slow down over here, only earning one supporter and pumping it up to 0.33%. we might have to speed this up if we're gonna have to stop the spider queen's plan. and that requires the help of Frank Rock!

his ride got a bit of an improvement. not only redesigned with a sleeker, faster look, but able to convert to a flight mode.

here's hoping he'll help speed things along.


The more the Scarier!

as we enter the first quarter, we can see that six monster fighters have been guided to the right path by quinton steele, raising this to a 0.32% such joy to see fellow fighters work together. however, we lost a quarter of the time to gather souls- i mean supporters.

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