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Lego Challenges


My project, Lego Challenges, can be played with up to four people The four challenges played are: crazy golf, who can eat the most pies?, climbing to the top of a tower and landing onto a target . You pick your character (Kid, Old lady, Spy Women or a man) which all are best at one of the four challenges according to their colour ,so- the Kid is best at landing in the middle of the target, the Old Lady is best at eating lots of pies, the Man is best at golf and the Spy Woman is best at climbing.

This then requires a lot of imagination. Names can be made up and you are enabled to build your minifigure its own personality.The challenges can be put into any order by unclipping them from pins and moving them around.

Rules: If a challenge is won, the minifigure and the player receive five points, being second gets you three points and being third gets you one point. Then once all the challenges are complete the largest score wins. But then you could bring in rounds....  

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