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Tom And Jerry 85th Anniversary

Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry is an American, Academy Award-winning, slapstick cartoon series. It centers on a rivalry between the characters Tom, a cat, and Jerry, a mouse. Tom and Jerry was created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. In 2025 Tom and Jerry will celebrate 85 years since their creation.

About the project
The project consists of three vignettes focussing on several iconic moments. Each vignette includes a plaque showing the date and name of the represented episode. The project includes around 1500 parts and 19 bricks with new prints. I tried to recreate the different drawing styles and scenes as closely as possible in LEGO form. In order to achieve that, I watched each scene frame by frame and incorporated different scales. The following episodes are referenced:

The Million Dollar Cat (1944)
This vignette includes Tom and Jerry, a small table, a tray, a cup of tea, a lemon, a telegram and a food cover.

Fit to Be Tied (1952), Jerry and Jumbo (1953), Designs on Jerry (1955)
This build depicts scenes from three different episodes. Tom and Jerry appear in different shapes due to the following circumstances. In Fit to Be Tied Jerry eats a giant slice of cheese and therefore takes it form. In Jerry and Jumbo Tom gets squashed against the staircase by Jumbo. In Designs on Jerry Tom is crushed by a safe.
On the back of the build the creators of Tom and Jerry are honored.

Surf Bored Cat (1967)
This recreation of a scene from Surf Bored Cat includes Tom in the shape of a surfboard and Jerry with an orange hat. In addition to that parts of the beach and a big wave are displayed.

Let's celebrate this iconic cartoon by introducing Tom and Jerry to the LEGO world! Please support and share this project :)

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