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Assault and Disembarkation Aerial Shuttle ( AD/AS )


My AD/AS is a aerial shuttle for assault then disembarkation. The shuttle has two bridges and a cockpit, which contain :

  • The main bridge is constitued by two places with one gun each for cover the soldiers which disembarke. Above, there are two doubles guns for medium range ( they can turn ). Near this, there are two proton rockets launchers ( on the both sides of the cockpit ). Then, we can observe two wings which can be folded up with three little guns each for short range. After, we can see a barrier on each side and at the back of the shuttle, there is a gun for medium range with a place for the gunner ( it can turn ).
  • The secondary bridge is conctitued by one big wing ( with two littles guns for short range ) with, in front of this, a gun for long range ( it can turn ) and a multiple rockets launcher.
  • For going in the cockpit, there is a door.
  • In the cockpit, there are three places for pilot and copilots ( the roof of the cockpit can be opened ).

This Lego is made of 461 bricks.

Its dimensions are more or less 28 cm of long, 15 cm height and 40 cm large ( wing to wing ).

Thank you for reading !

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