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The Ar-Matoran


The Ar-Matoran  or Matoran of Armor are a species of Matoran which is known to make armor for various Toa. the known Ar-Matoran are : Madark ( disgiused as a Ta-Matoran), Gadark (disguised as a Ga-Matoran), Lemmer (disguised as a Le-Matoran), Marku (disguised as a Po-Matoran), Sadman (disguised as a Onu-Matoran). 

The reason why all of them are disguised as other types of matoran was simply cause they make Toa armor and Teridax wants them dead so The Order of Mata Nui disguised them as other species of matoran and sent all of the known ones to Metru Nui (they later moved to the island of Mata Nui).

like Pohatkshi, Manglenuva and the Toa Ultra Mata, this species of Matoran are based on Bionicle Generation 1

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